Do you need transmission service or repair?

 Transmission not shifting?

Does your car feel like it doesn’t want to move?


Car not responding

Do you feel like your transmission has a delay in engaging when shifting from park or reverse? or a slipping feeling while you are driving? these are two of the most common issues drivers notice with transmission issues

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Scheduled Maintenance



common issues

Some of the most common issues we see is the neglect of a proper transmission service by vehicle owners. Many of the costly repairs can be avoided by properly maintaining your transmission services.

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Transmission Service

Not every auto repair shop has the skills, resources and expertise to tackle car transmission services. At Hi-Tech Auto Repair, we do. We’re a well-known auto transmission specialist with the ability to provide everything from simple transmission flush service to complex repairs and replacements—all in-house.

Our auto transmission repair shop quickly diagnoses a variety of problems with your transmission and makes sure they’re being resolved individually, so the integrity of your transmission is restored. Don’t put your transmission into the hands of just anyone—make sure it’s being serviced by a qualified professional at our shop!

Transmission Service and Replacement

One of the most complex and essential systems that drives your vehicle is its transmission. Each time you shift into gear, you’re relying on your transmission to control your vehicle. Needless to say, when problems arise here, they’re quickly debilitating for the whole car.

The team at Hi-Tech Auto Repair has seen what transmission problems can do to your car and your wallet. That’s why we offer a complete range of services designed to keep it functioning properly.

Routine service and maintenance

Our mechanics will be able to check your transmission fluid and determine if and when you need service to maintain this integral system. We’ll also recommend fluid changes and flushes based on the dipstick at your next factory-schedule oil change or maintenance appointment.

However, if you smell burning outside your vehicle, see red fluid leaking, feel grinding or vibrations when you shift, or see the check engine light on, make sure you’re scheduling a service appointment. Your transmission likely needs service to prevent a breakdown.


Do you need transmission service?

Transmission services are designed to keep your car running smoothly and your transmission from breaking down. In Hi-Tech Auto Repair, we specialize in providing your transmission with the maintenance services needed to prevent friction issues and contamination from occurring within your transmission case:

Flushes are important to remove debris from the transmission case and ensure any buildups from old transmission fluid are washed away. Depending on your vehicle and driving habits, a transmission flush should be performed every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

Re-sealing keeps your transmission case sealed to prevent contamination. If you notice red liquid dripping on your driveway, it’s time to have your transmission case re-sealed to prevent debris from getting into the fluid.

Fluid changes ensure your transmission’s mechanical parts are always lubricated properly. Over time, fluid can lose its viscosity and gum up, which creates friction and wear on components. Replacing fluid will prevent this from happening.


Transmission replacement

In the event your transmission breaks down or becomes dysfunctional, a replacement will be required for your vehicle to run properly again. This is a costly procedure, but one that will breathe new life into your car. One of our highly-trained experts can tell you if the damage to your transmission warrants a full replacement.

Don’t let your transmission fall into jeopardy. Instead, stay abreast of regular maintenance and be sure to get flushes and fluid replacements at the recommendation of our mechanics. Ask to have your transmission checked the next time you’re in for an oil change for complete peace of mind!