Do you need emission repairs in Maryland ?

emission repair

Vehicle emissions is done to improve and quality of Maryland’s air and water.

exemptions from Emissions

Your are able to qualify for an exemption from Maryland Emissions testing if you meet certain criteria’s set forth by the Maryland state. some of those are as followed: if your vehicle is manufactured before 1995 or weighs more than 26000 pounds in weight…

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Did you know that by making sure your vehicle abides my Maryland’s emission standards you are helping us live healthier life’s. Maryland is always trying to do what is best for it’s residents, so lets help be apart of something great and make sure our vehicles are compliant and safe.


Has your vehicle failed an emissions inspection? Do you need repairs before re-testing? Don’t let a failed emissions rating cause you anxiety or frustration! Instead, make sure you’re coming to Hi-Tech Auto Repair for your next car emission test. If your vehicle doesn’t pass, we’ll make sure you know why and provide you with instant access to the repairs necessary to guarantee a pass the next time around.

Our emissions repair shop is state certified and fully equipped to make sure you pass all DOT benchmarks. We’ll deliver repairs and provide informal testing ahead of your next emissions inspection, to make sure there’s no question of a passing grade and a vehicle that meets expectations.

Emission Repair Services

Emissions testing makes sure your vehicle isn’t over-polluting the air. Most newer vehicles pass emissions tests without any strife, however if your vehicle is more than a decade old, it might not be living up to modern pollution thresholds set by the state. In the event it fails an emissions test, repairs will need to be made before it’s considered roadworthy again. Failing an emissions test can occur for several reasons:

• Excess output of hydrocarbons measured
• Excess production of carbon monoxide
• Sample dilution failure
• OBD diagnostic reading failure
• Gas cap failure

No matter what the reason for a failed emission test, repairs are a top priority and must be performed in a timely manner. Hi-Tech Auto Repair will help you pinpoint the reason behind a failed test and provide repairs that remedy excess pollution.


Repair waivers

In Maryland, your vehicle must continually be re-tested for emissions until it passes or until you obtain a repair waiver. A repair waiver signifies that more than $450 in emissions-related repairs have been made to your vehicle in order to meet state guidelines for acceptable output. Waivers can be obtained within 30 days of an initial emissions test, on the day of the initial test or between a failed test and a potential re-test. With a repair waiver, a state-licensed representative will visually inspect your vehicle to verify the legitimacy of your repairs. You’ll also need to present receipt or proof of purchase for all repairs

Helping you pass Maryland state emissions

Hi-Tech Auto Repair will help you remedy a failed emissions test. We’ll examine the reason for failure and resolve problems that may be contributing to your vehicle’s emissions output. Schedule an appointment with us after a failed emissions test to set things right, or to put in repairs that warrant an emissions waiver.