is the air conditioning not blowing out cold air?

 Heating & air conditioning?

do you see your temperature gauge moving up?

A/C not blowing cold air

is your vehicle’s air conditioning not blowing cold air like before. It could be something simple from recharging the freon to something major. Don’t wait till your car has serious issues.

Does your car run hot?

 a vehicle’s temperature running high can be caused by several issues ranging from low antifreeze to something major like a severe leak. Either can cause havoc on your car.

Heating and A/C

Without the ability to control the temperature in your car’s cabin, it’s impossible to drive comfortably. If you can’t get cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, it’s time to visit Hi-Tech Auto Repair for an auto air conditioning recharge and heating core repair. We’ll make sure your vents are blowing climate-controlled air in no time at all, backed by an AC and heating unit system that’s in full working condition.


Air conditioning 

Air Conditioning

You can’t always roll down the windows, which is why it’s important to seek vehicle air conditioning repair if your AC unit is on the fritz. We’ll diagnose the issue and provide repairs that set everything blowing right once again. Best of all, our experience with automotive AC repair means you don’t have to seek a specialist or pay exorbitant fees at some other repair shop!



If your heating core isn’t working, count on us to set it right once again. We tackle everything from heaters to blowers and everything else in between, restoring your vehicle’s ability to blow warm air into your cabin on-demand.

Auto Heating and Air conditioning Service

Just like your home, your car has a heating and cooling system that keeps you comfortable while you’re in it. When temperatures rise outside, your A/C system provides cooled cabin air; when winter brings icy temps with it, warm air is delivered to the cabin. If the system isn’t maintained, however, you’re sure to experience discomfort. If your vehicle isn’t delivering properly warmed or cooled air to you, let the Hi-Tech Auto Repair experts take a look at your auto HVAC system. We’ll administer repairs that restore its functionality.

Understanding the auto cooling system

Your auto cooling system takes up quite a bit of room under the hood and encompasses many parts. Both heating and cooling work on the same system, with different parts playing important roles in delivering temperature-controlled air to your cabin: In addition to all of these major components listed below, parts like hoses and connection joints keep the system connected.

• Heating core
• Thermostat
• Blower fan
• Radiator
• Condenser
• Compressor
• Evaporator
• Freon

Does your vehicle need auto air conditioning or heating repair services?

Several signs and symptoms of auto air conditioning problems will alert you to the need for repairs. Pay close attention to your vehicle for any of these problems:

• Air takes a long time to become warm or cool in your cabin
• Defrosters aren’t working properly
• System hoses are cracked or appear to be leaking
• Bad odor coming from your vents when you turn on air conditioning

A quick cursory inspection of your auto cooling system by a Hi-Tech Auto Repair mechanic will pinpoint any problems that could be affecting your vehicle’s ability to control the air temperature in your cabin.

Auto air conditioning and heating service

Repairs to vehicle heating and cooling depend on the location of the problem. Specific parts—like the compressor or blower fan—may need to be rebuilt or replaced to restore function. In other cases, damaged hoses may need to be replaced. Our mechanics can also read any diagnostic error codes from your car’s computer to pinpoint potential problems, while performing a visual inspection. If you’re not getting the warm or cool air you expect from your vehicle, it’s time to have the heating and cooling system checked out. Schedule your appointment with Hi-Tech Auto Repair today for auto air conditioning service and restore comfort to your vehicle’s cabin.

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