is your car running rough?

 Engine diagnostics?

Does the check engine light come on?

engine making an usual sound?

does your car seem like it’s just not performing the way it used to. Performing a simple tune-up solves most of the common issues from daily driving.

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Engine Diagnostics



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do you hear a knocking sound?

If your engine is making a knocking sound, the issues could be severe and should be towed to your local repair shop immediately to avoid even more costly repairs. 

Engine Diagnostics

An auto diagnostic test can yield insight into how your vehicle is performing and what service needs it may have. From simple tune-ups and general maintenance, to repairs and part replacements, Hi-Tech Auto Repair relies heavily on a car diagnostic check before getting to work on your vehicle.

We make sure our decisions are informed by the data read from your car’s onboard computer. Not only does this save us time when it comes to determining your vehicle’s needs, a check engine diagnostic can save you money and will make sure your car is getting the targeted repairs that keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Engine Diagnostics and Replacement

The “check engine” light on your dashboard is more than just an annoyance—it’s the secret to understanding problems under the hood of your vehicle. And while you might be mystified when the light clicks on, a qualified Hi-Tech Auto Repair mechanic can read engine error codes to figure out exactly what’s causing trouble.

Using an on-board Diagnostics (OBD) reader, a mechanic will run a diagnostic scan on your vehicle’s computer. Error codes triggering your check engine light will be reported, allowing the mechanic to fix the problem. It’s quicker than trying to trace the problem by sight and sound, and more accurate than other diagnostic tests.

Don’t ignore dashboard lights!

If your engine, tire pressure, oil pan or other senor light comes on, don’t ignore it and wait for it to go away! Each mile you drive with a dashboard light on is putting undue stress on your vehicle, leading to damage that could be avoided. Even if the light goes away, it doesn’t mean the problem did. Getting engine diagnostics for dashboard alerts will ensure your vehicle gets the attention it needs from our qualified mechanics.

Diagnostics for performance

Notice you’re not getting the torque you used to when you step on the gas? Concerned about fuel economy? Worried your vehicle just doesn’t sound the same lately? These problems can be put to rest with proper engine diagnostics. OBD codes will tell our mechanics definitively if there’s anything that needs to be repaired under the hood or elsewhere.

Even if there are no dashboard lights, it doesn’t mean there’s not a problem waiting to be solved under your hood. If you suspect something is lurking to cause you trouble, ask one of our mechanics to run an OBD scan the next time you’re in for service, to see if any errors are present.

Engine replacement

Diagnostics can also tell you if your engine is in danger of catastrophic failure. If a problem has gone on for too long without being serviced or resolved—such as friction within your engine—it could result in serious wear or a breakdown. This can lead to the need for engine replacement as a cost-effective solution.

If your engine is in its last stages of failure but your vehicle is in otherwise good condition, consider the benefits of an engine replacement. You could get tens of thousands more miles out of it with a new engine, saving you the cost of a brand-new car.

Schedule your appointment with Hi-Tech Auto Repair today for engine diagnostics. Whether it’s a dashboard light or a bad feeling you just can’t shake, we’ll get to the bottom of whatever is troubling your vehicle through engine diagnostics.